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'Bebop Landscapes’ Marios Cafe 2020

24th Nov till 14th Dec.

Jeff has been having exhibitions at Marios Cafe in Brunswick st. Fitzroy since 1989.

These shows usually happen a few years apart, and concentrate mainly on smaller works with a few larger ones thrown into the mix.

Jeff's connection with Marios goes right back to the beginning, and he finds it a great alternative to a perhaps more serious gallery showing.

These paintings are best seen in real life but if that’s not possible, feel free to look here and make contact if anything takes your fancy.

To enquire about any work please click here.

Dizzy 3 JR.jpeg
IMG 7794.jpeg
IMG 7802.jpeg
IMG 7859.jpeg
IMG 7860.jpeg
IMG 8097.jpeg
IMG 8099.jpeg
IMG 8108.jpeg
IMG 8113.jpeg
IMG 8123.jpeg
IMG 8129.jpeg
IMG 8140.jpeg
IMG 8157.jpeg
Lazy Grid JR 2020.jpeg
Pink Sky JR .jpeg
SAX MAN .jpeg
Signals JR 2020.jpg
Summer In The City.jpg
The Living Breathing City JR 2020.jpg
Winter Moon JR 2020.jpg