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The Blog JUNE

The Blog JUNE

Hi All.

Well, I  just had 3 exhibitions in a row that I am glad to say all went really well. Outre Sydney, Outre Melbourne and Boom Gallery in Geelong. Thanks everyone who came and bought art!  So great!

My big news is our 4 month musical tour around UK and Europe with Victoriana Gaye.  From June till October. We are so excited!!

Also I just started back at Mambo graphics...(Who would think!?) see picture......

Also!  Hoping when i get back later this year to have some big paintings in a swank new gallery in Armidale Melbourne (details TBC)

Also! ... Really hoping to be having a show at The Hughes Gallery (with Ray and Evan running the gallery these days) in Sydney.
That show will possibly in 2015. (tbc).

Also the Bruce Heisner Gallery in Brisbane 2015. (details tbc)

Got some new paintings up for sale on the site... but be quick...

See you in October... cheers Jeff